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"Elite professionals cared for my son after his NICU stay. Our nurse was wonderful, very caring & professional. The staff eased my concerns several times, as I was nervous about his breathing. Elite also cared for my father after a major surgery & did a great job with him as well! I would, & have, recommended Elite Professionals to anyone seeking quality care!"

Jenni Lautenschlager


"I have a daughter with multiple disabilities and have been with Elite Professionals Home Care since 2009. Elite came in to care for my daughter when other agencies failed. I have had 3 agencies since my daughter was born in 1999. Elite is great. My schedule is always staffed, the nurses are professional and provide excellent care to my daughter. The staff is a pleasure to work with; I have never had any problems. I would reccomend Elite to anyone who needs care for their family member or themselves. Great job Elite!! Keep up the good work!"

Millie Demuth-Kadavy


"I have been with Elite for a long time and I think that the owner and the staff have always been wonderful. The owner has always done employee appreciation BBQ's in the summer, she gives out gifts for CNA week and Nurses week. She hosts Santa at the office for all of her employee's children to come and enjoy. She gives out gifts at Christmas time to all of her staff. We hold monthly drawings for staff that have gone above and beyond for that month to win a gift card to dinner and a movie.  In regards to patient cares Elite has always put the patient's care as their top priority. Every complaint is dealt with and handled quickly in the office. Elite loves their patients and have always strived to give the patient's the best care possible."

Steph W.


"I have had the pleasure of working at Elite for a year and in my position I deal with the clients and the field staff on a regular basis. I receive compliments from our patients who praise the services that Elite offers, they enjoy our home health aides and nurses. I receive compliments about how nice and helpful our staff is and this includes the Omaha office.  The owner works very hard to make sure everyone from all aspects of the company is happy. I have witnessed first hand that she makes certain ever issue no matter how big or small becomes resolved."

Cam S.