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What Is a Care Companion?

Care Companions are a non-hands-on care position for people who want or need minor assistance. They focus on light housekeeping and companionship, keeping the environment clean and maintained.

Services Covered

Here are some common services that Care Companions can provide:

Laundry and Making Beds

All laundry, including putting clothes and sheets into washers and dryers, is folded and put away once clean. They can also make a bed, fitting it with fresh sheets, so it’s more comfortable in the evening.

Cleaning Bathrooms

Likewise, bathrooms are cleaned and tidied, including toilets, tubs, and countertops. Mirrors are also part of the job, so you can expect a clean shine.

Tidying Areas

Care Companions can move most lighter items around to clean and tidy an area, ensuring a healthy and appropriate living space.

Taking Out The Trash

Care Companions can take the trash out to containers and bring those containers out for pickup, as appropriate for your area.

Sweeping and Mopping

Care Companions can vacuum and clean floors with mops, brooms, and similar tools to remove dust or debris. 

Light Dusting

If dusting is required, they can help clean many areas in the house and remove dust that can cause allergies or other breathing problems.

Cleaning Kitchens

Care Companions can perform kitchen cleaning tasks, including wiping stoves and counters, cleaning microwaves, and doing most dishes.

Light Meal Prep

While our service workers are not private chefs, they can provide a variety of basic meal preparation tasks, including helping with many meals that fit your individual dietary needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Care Companions provide many light services, but there are some things you shouldn’t expect them to do. If you need help with these things, you may need a different care provider.

  • Heavy lifting or moving of sizable furniture like tables and couches for cleaning. Chairs are usually possible, but heavy furniture may require more help to be safe.
  • Washing windows, especially outside the home. Cleaning windows can be dangerous without the correct training and equipment.
  • Driving clients for errands or appointments. However, they can sometimes travel with you, usually in a taxi or an accessible van, and help with those tasks. Ask for information about specific events to be sure.
  • Outdoor tasks, including yard work, painting, or moving patio furniture. Taking out the trash is not typically an outdoor task, so that’s still available.
  • Caring for pets or cleaning up after them. Tasks like dog walking, feeding, and litter pickup are taken care of. 

Providing hands-on care (such as for dressing or bathing) and providing medication assistance. Tasks like these require a different level of care but are available through Elite.

Care Companions have many benefits for people who only need a little help at home. 

Keep Your Home Tidy and Clutter-Free

Care Companions can help you keep your home tidy and free of the clutter that can accumulate if you can’t focus for extended periods. For example, many people face mobility challenges when sick. A cluttered home can increase your risk of tripping or injury. By regularly cleaning, Care Companions free you to focus on other matters.

Keep Walkways Clear

Walkways are important. Whether it’s to let other caregivers reach you safely or to ensure you can reach the exit in an emergency, you should always leave primary walkways as clear as possible. Care Companions can help ensure there’s always room to move through your home.

Frequent Visitations

Care Companions frequently visit, which means you never have too long to wait if there starts to be a problem. In addition, they’ll help identify problems within the house and, in many cases, can look for obvious signs that indicate a need for additional checkups or medical care.

Outside of the medical aspect, these services mean you can rely on seeing another person and having someone to talk to, which can reduce feelings of loneliness. 

Assistance With Tasks That Put Your Loved One At Risk

While Care Companions don’t provide heavy labor, they can perform many tasks that have a chance to put you at risk of falls or injury. For example, if your hands are a little shaky, a Care Companion can provide food prep that makes eating easier.

Prevention is usually much easier than a cure, so a little help can go a long way in protecting your health.

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