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When you walk into the hospital for an operation, whether it's a hip, knee, ankle, cardiac, or other major surgery, you place your entire confidence in the medical professionals to perform what they do best. A fantastic team of doctors will care for, monitor, and watch after you. When you're ready to go home, though, you're usually left to your own devices—a frightening thought for many.

When you leave the hospital following surgery, the truth is that you are only beginning your road to recovery. Usually, you will need medical and personal care assistance and help with your daily activities to help you recover in the best way possible. With our in-home surgical rehabilitation, we can help your life return to normal sooner.

Elite Professionals Home Care’s post-surgical recovery team is dedicated to two goals:

  1. Helping patients by providing all the necessary rehabilitation services in their home
  2. Aiding in a smooth transition back to everyday life

Step 1: Rehabilitation in your home

By providing rehabilitation in our patients’ homes, our licensed staff helps prevent repetitive office visits and reduces the chance of infection. Our staff is trained to help individuals with the following:   

  • Provide physical rehabilitation services in your home
  • Provide post-surgical incision care
  • Coordinate with your physician to personalize a recovery program just for you
  • Help ensure safety with daily living activities

Step 2: Getting you back to your life

Part of our treatment plan involves providing educational resources for our patients after our services are no longer necessary. These may include: 

  • Exercises from your speech, occupational, or physical therapist
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Diet and nutrition education
  • Fall prevention

What Is In-Home Surgical Rehabilitation and Who Is It For?

When you've just had an operation, it can be tricky to achieve a full recovery while still trying to take care of your daily tasks. While your mind might be telling you it's time to get back to business, your body might be trying to tell you otherwise.

Surgical recovery can be daunting because when you come home from surgery, you might be concerned about how you’re going to care for yourself. Going home might make you feel alone; your mobility is limited, and without assistance, it can be hard to find the motivation and energy to manage everything on your own.

The fact is that most people following surgery, especially the elderly, will need some rehabilitation help before they can resume their daily activities. With in-home surgical rehabilitation, patients are regularly followed and checked on for a specific length of time following surgery to search for indicators of infection. In-home surgical rehabilitation is a service that provides extra support for those recovering from surgery so that they can recover safely and faster in the comfort of their own home.

The Benefits of In-home Surgical Rehabilitation

Most doctors recommend you begin surgical rehabilitation soon following your operation since patients who have just had surgery usually need assistance to help them get back on their feet.

Post-operative care at home is a better option than a hospital stay or a rehabilitation center since it allows your loved one to heal in the luxury and comfort of their own home. According to research, coming home leads to a speedier and more comfortable recovery. For starters, because there are no hospital visiting hour limits, family and friends may provide greater support and visit more readily.

Secondly, having a post-operative caregiver at home helps you transition to an independent life gradually. A prolonged hospital stay might make it more difficult to adjust since you are dependent on others. It is hard to transition from medical help to unsupported living, especially if you are dealing with physical changes.

If someone is in recovery and family members live too far away to give adequate assistance, need regular check-ups or physiotherapy sessions, or are unable to move freely, post-operative care at home is a great solution. Having a caregiver assures a simple, successful, and long-term recovery. Your caregiver is available to help you with practically everything, from housework to personal care. The objective of post-operative care is to ensure that you recover as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It's critical to give yourself time to recover properly after you get home from the hospital. A little more help around the house and with personal care, such as showering, may make all the difference in keeping you comfortable and preventing you from doing too much too fast, which can hinder the recovery process.

Sit Back and Let Us Look After You

When you are discharged from the hospital after surgery, the last thing you want to do is go home and have to worry about getting out of bed, showering yourself, cooking meals, and doing laundry. There's also the medical aspect to consider, such as remembering to take your medicine, treating your wounds, and monitoring your recovery every step of the way.

At Elite Home Care, we handle all of the details for you: we manage all of your daily needs as well as your medical needs so you don't have to lift a finger. Our skilled home carers will follow hospital advice and your customized support plan to ensure your rehabilitation continues as planned.


We assist you in navigating your post-operative rehabilitation program so that you can return to your daily life as soon as possible. We can also communicate with your specialist and/or general practitioner to ensure that immediate help is delivered in a timely manner. Our home visiting nurses can address any concerns or questions you may have about your treatment while providing a high degree of professional care and expertise while you recover in your own home.

Skilled Nurses

As part of a multidisciplinary team, our live-in nurses will collaborate with other healthcare specialists, such as physiotherapists, to develop a personalized rehabilitation care plan that provides you with the highest degree of nursing assistance. Our rehabilitation nurses have the skills and experience to care for patients recuperating from a variety of surgeries. As a result, our clients benefit from highly qualified nurses who have the necessary expertise to give the best nursing support for recovery and rehabilitation.


A good recovery requires teamwork. Our care team is a cheerful, upbeat, and highly qualified group of registered nurses and caregivers. When recruiting post-operative caregivers, we look for a variety of qualities and credentials such as dependability, compassion, and patience. We believe that one of the most crucial qualities a post-operative caregiver should have is the capacity to closely monitor a patient's health.


The monitoring process is critical since the possibility of infection or other problems is highest in the first few days and weeks following a major procedure. Your caregiver must be attentive and constantly check your vitals and stitches to minimize the impact of any infection or send you to the hospital promptly if an infection begins. Our caregivers can offer encouragement and support if you have been given exercises and guidance to increase your activity. They will assist you in increasing your confidence and exercise levels in accordance with professional recommendations, allowing you to maximize your mobility and movement while avoiding long-term mobility loss.

With in-home surgical rehabilitation, our caregivers will provide you with the assistance you need to safely continue your daily routine after your operation. You and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing you are in safe and capable hands if you fall or have an emergency. Having an extra capable body around the house also lowered the likelihood of unwelcome visits.

Leave the technicalities to us so you can concentrate on what matters the most: your recovery.

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